Did you know that becoming a pro at creating gorgeous flat lay photographs allows you to better represent your brand, build an enthusiastic community of followers on Instagram, and break away from the stress of always needing new content for social media? Mastering the art of styling flat lays can give you the skills to create original content on a consistent basis for your brand.

Does this sound like a breath of fresh air and just what your marketing strategy is missing?! Then look no further because our Flat Lay Creation Workshop is for you!

Our Flat Lay Creation Workshop is a 3-hour in-person workshop made up of an intimate group of creative small business owners who are seeking to improve their skills at styling, lighting, and photographing flat lays.

As an attendee, you will leave feeling inspired, energized, and armed with the knowledge and hands-on practice with styling and editing your images so that you can go home and keep creating original content that aligns with your brand and expands your community. You'll receive a custom Styling Starter Kit for use during the workshop and to take home with you! Not to mention, you’ll also get to network and collaborate with like-minded passionate business owners from all around the Greater Boston and New England Area. 

Flat Lay Creation Workshop

Join us!

+Teaching & demonstration from two industry professionals

+Over an hour of hands-on practice styling, lighting, photographing and editing flat lays

+Custom Styling Starter Kit from Lux Box Company to take home with you

+Delicious treats for photography and enjoying!

+Curated set of images from the workshop for your use on social media

+Collaboration & networking with like-minded passionate creatives 

+Fresh flowers, backgrounds and props for use during the workshop

What's Included?

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+You can use a point & shoot camera or DSLR, but if you have a camera on your phone - you're all set!

+No flashes or additional gear is required for lighting the flat lays beyond sunlight.

+White foam boards will be provided to all attendees for use during the workshop.

+The editing portion of the workshop focus on in-phone editing using two free apps. 

+To get the most out of your images from the workshop, we suggest you bring along tools of your trade or signature items from your brand to incorporate in the flat lays.

Take Note...

Ready to join us?

Upcoming Workshops

insta worthy FLAT Lay workshop

date: February 11, 2020

when: 10:30am-1:30pm

WHERE: The tannery loft, norwood, MA

Bring a friend and save $25 each!


“It was such a fun event! Amazing hands on time practicing our new skills after learning from two of the sweetest people on earth! We learned everything from app editing to lighting and stocking up on other props! I highly recommend!”

— Cheryl, Artist

“This workshop really helped me to learn about lighting, props, storytelling and editing my photos for IG. I came away with lots of useful tools, techniques. The teachers are both skilled and generous in sharing what they know.”


“At first I was a little hesitant to purchase the ticket cause I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the money but after a quick pep talk I decided to follow through. I’m so glad I made that decision cause I loved the workshop! I learned so much about photography, lighting, & editing and all I needed was my phone!”

Don't just take our word for it - see what past attendees have to say about the workshop!

Questions on collaborating with us on our next workshop? 
Please send us an email to hello@everydaycreativebos.com

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