We believe in building community, being friends, and sharing secrets so that we can all build beautiful brands. Because there's room for all of us to succeed and life's way more fun when we're all working together! So we've created some amazing free resources to help you create the brand you've been dreaming of building since day one. We hope you love them! XO

Download a Fill-In-The-Blank Email Template For Recruiting Your Dream Vendors to Collaborate On Your Next Styled Shoot.


Styled Shoot Email Template

Download our checklists and start to collect pieces for your flat lay styling kit with purpose. We share the items you need to create endless combinations of upscale flat lays for your brand that will allow you to elevate how you're showing up online. And we've included tips for maximizing your your styling kit and making sure you get the most out of every flat lay you style! Our five checklists have you covered no matter what.

Business Mavens

Wedding Creatives

Stationery Styling

Jewelry Styling

Food Bloggers 

Flat Lay Styling Kit Checklists (free)

Download a suite of six unique templates you can use to style elegant flat lays quickly, whether you're at home, at an event, or on the go. Follow the template guidelines exactly for a no-fuss clean design, or use them as a starting point for creating your own flat lay scenes. Style with confidence, knowing that these templates have been tested in countless situations and were created with foundational principles of design in mind to ensure balanced and beautiful flat lays every time. Included are three templates for stationery and 3 for jewelry!


6 Flat Lay Styling Templates

Download two recipes for editing photos on your phone with ease. These recipes take you step by step through the exact formula for creating either light & airy images or dark & moody ones. So you'll have perfect pictures for social media, no matter your style!


Go-To Recipes For Consistent Phone Photo Editing w/ VSCO

Download our three tips to quickly edit photos on your phone. These tips will unlock the best ways to create beautiful edits on your phone - fast. And no matter your style, they'll be helpful to get you in an editing groove!

3 Tips to Fast Photo Editing With VSCO

3 Tips For Fast Photo Editing With VSCO (free)