Raise your hand if you love coffee as much as we do. Or tea, or lattes, or maybe a cappuccino?!

We see you over there with your hand in the air! 

You know what else we love, collaborating and learning together. So we're bringing these two loves together in a series we're calling "Coffee Chats"!

Don't let the low key name of these sessions fool you - they'll be packed with education. And the best part, they'll be intimate with a cap of 10 attendees, so we can really dig into the topic and answer all your questions. We have a few hot topics planned and you can find the first below.

Check it out, check back often, and join us for the most productive coffee date you've ever had!

Coffee Chat Series

Styled Shoots: Why You're Doing it Wrong & How To Fix It

Grab your favorite caffeinated beverage and join an intimate group of ten to learn how to avoid and correct the most common mistakes made by creatives collaborating on styled shoots.

Styled shoots are supposed to be fun, creative, collaborative, and beneficial for everyone. But they often leave people feeling frustrated, used, confused, or disheartened. It does NOT have to be that way! 

Whether you've done a bunch of styled shoots before or you've wanted to do one, but have no idea where to start - this chat is for you.

We'll be covering 14 common mistakes pros make in planning, execution, and communication around a styled shoot. And we'll share concrete actions and tips for how to fix and avoid those mistakes moving forward.

Join us for great coffee and even better conversation!

Caffe Nero, 368 Congress Street, Boston, MA

Tuesday, July 30th - 5:30-7:30pm
Thursday, November 7th - 5:30-7:30pm

Join Us!

+Teaching & demonstration from two industry professionals

+Hands-on practice styling, lighting, photography and editing flat lays

+Custom Styling Starter Kit from Lux Box Company

+Delicious treats for photography and enjoying!

+Curated set of images from the workshop for your use on social media

+Collaboration & networking with like-minded passionate creatives 

+Fresh flowers, backgrounds and props for curating bespoke images at the workshop

Flat Lay Styling Kit Checklist

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