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We’re Renee and Lynne – the two biz besties behind Everyday Creative  – and we’re thrilled to offer education for creative business owners! For this first blog post of ours, we we want to share a little bit about our why. As in, why we’re here, why we’re so passionate about this business of ours, why we and why we can’t wait to get to know you and support you on your business journey.

And it’s all right in our name: Everyday Creative.


You see, our name stands for our why and holds the key to our hearts in this business.

If you’re a creative business owner or maker you know exactly what we’re talking about, right?! Your business is something you’ve created from scratch. It has your voice, you’ve created it in your vision, and it will be part of the legacy you leave behind. And if leaving a legacy is something that matters to you as much as it does to us, than you must agree that your business means more than the numbers. It means pouring into people and making a difference.

There are a few important beliefs we hold in this business:


1. We believe that the most important thing is simply showing up. Every. Single. Day.

2. We believe in the philosophy that done (done well that is!) is better than perfect and that every creative needs a mixture of head-in-the-clouds dreaming and feet-firmly-planted strategy to achieve their biggest goals.

3. We believe that by showing up authentically day after day we can effectively nurture our business, but more importantly we can care for and nurture our community and the sweet people we’re striving to serve.

4. We believe that all of us could use support and none of us have all the answers, so we’re all better off when we support each other.

The road of a business owner is a hard one and it can often feel like your lost and alone on your journey. But that doesn’t have to be your story. Instead we want to show up by your side, create beauty, create solutions to some of your business and branding challenges, and thrive together – everyday.

So you see, THAT is why we’re here – to show and offer education for creative business owners like you!

Get to know each of us better over on our About page!

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